Whether you’re a FTSE 100 company or an SME, you’ll need to embrace it, implement it and maximize its potential. The ‘it’ in question being IT in the form of the world’s leading Salesforce CRM and Pardot Marketing Automation systems to streamline.
Let’s accelerate your sales process to help you grow your business faster.

What you also need is the guidance, support and advice of a company that can help you avoid the pitfalls, walk you through the process and help you make the most of what the ultimate automation systems can deliver.

Performa IT can assess your needs, choose the right licences, customise the platform for you and train your staff in its use. Established in early 2011, Performa IT is a specialist Salesforce and Pardot Consultancy based in the South West England. Located just 10 minutes north of Bristol. Performa IT was founded by managing director Ben Coleman who has over 20 years experience implementing business systems software, 10 years of which have been working with Salesforce. Performa IT is a registered Salesforce consulting partner.

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