Winter 22 Release

Are you ready to see what’s new in Salesforce? We’ve put together a list featuring some key things you may notice in the Salesforce Winter 22 Release.

Activities Tab:- Have you ever wanted to sort all those activities, calls and events in a particular order? In the next release you will see a gear icon in the right hand side of the activities screen.  This will enable you to sort these items in a way which makes life much easier.

Reporting on Activities:- Salesforce have added a new field to tasks, completed date.  When a user marks a task as completed a date and time will be automatically populated.

Lightning Email Templates:The build element of the template has been upgraded to include new layouts for the template and an indent text field.

Mobile Home Tab:Do your users tap into their mobile phone to access Salesforce? As an administrator you can add a new Mobile Home navigation item to any phone activated Lightning app which will then appear on the users landing page on their phone.  

Finally:- As Salesforce continues to make Salesforce even more secure, in the Salesforce Winter 22 release comes a new element namely Restriction Rules. E.g. Admins can create restriction rules via an object to add an additional security layer to Salesforce.

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