Salesforce Announces the arrival of AI Cloud

Last Tuesday, at the much anticipated Salesforce AI Day, the CRM trailblazer announced the addition of Salesforce AI Cloud as the latest offering in their expansive portfolio of solutions. This new Cloud is set to revolutionise the way in which organisations leverage their data, accelerating efficiency, innovation and productivity. 

The announcement of Salesforce’s Einstein GPT, the World’s First Generative AI for CRM, was the tip of the iceberg in terms of the CRM giant’s exploration into the potential of AI. Expanding on the predictive capabilities of Sales Cloud Einstein released in 2016, Einstein GPT is built around human interaction, helping the AI learn continuously as it works in tandem with service agents. This theme of human centricity and continuous learning will naturally be continued with the development of Salesforce AI Cloud – mitigating the potential for errors in the absence of human verification and putting emphasis on Salesforce’s key focus when it comes to the development of the AI suite: trust

Salesforce AI cloud will enhance the capabilities of Salesforce Flow, enabling users to combine the power of their CRM data and analytics with automation informed by a powerful and independently learning (generative) artificial intelligence. With this, end users will benefit from instantaneous, carefully crafted responses and Salesforce Developers and Admins can auto-generate code with full faith that the technology will identify and amend bugs and errors. 

As expected, users of the system have expressed some scepticism regarding irregularities, data privacy and security. However, as usual, Salesforce is one step ahead – introducing the Einstein GPT Trust Layer to ensure that large-language models (LLMs), AI algorithms that exploit and construct extensive data sets, are harshly limited on the types of data that they may obtain from the CRM. Essentially, AI Cloud differentiates from the current popular Open AI models, guaranteeing that sensitive data is protected and data regulations are abided by at all costs. Unless expressly permitted by the user, no Salesforce data will be exchanged with other systems.

It is up to you as to how you leverage AI’s powerful new developments, and Salesforce’s emphasis on human-centric development will allow users to adopt and take advantage of these incredible innovations in the best way, and at the right time for their specific organisation.
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