AI in the Field: 

Using Artificial Intelligence to assist field agents on site.

For any business with field service agents, sending specialists out to clients is a substantial expense. Yet, for physical tasks such as machine maintenance, call-outs and engineering, AI may seem like a redundant tool. Learn how our team leveraged a Native Video solution to drastically reduce admin burdens and site visits for one of our clients.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Native Video offers an abundance of solutions for efficient data capture and productive field service. We employed these to tackle three key challenges for a world-leading engineering firm.

Challenge 1: Reduce the admin burden for field engineers 

When one of our clients tasked us with the challenge of simplifying and standardising their technician reporting, we employed Alfred, Native Video’s new transcription assistant, to transform their process. 

Alfred’s speciality is turning field agents’ spoken report into text, which can then be automatically transferred to a record in Salesforce. This means that, in lieu of manually making notes on the job and then having to summarise and amend, the tool captures the detail effortlessly in the moment, and then instantly creates an executive summary with an AI component which formats it all then and there. As field service exists in countless specialist industries, field-specific vocabulary can even be taught to Alfred for optimal accuracy and machine learning. Our team integrated Alfred with our client’s existing Sales Cloud instance, creating a visit report template to effortlessly capture vital details from each call-out or check-up. 

“Imagine, you’re walking around, doing your job, taking notes, you get back, you could be missing detail. It might even take you an hour to edit and document your activity once the visit is over. Whereas [with Alfred] this is done in seconds.” – Tim Lock, Salesforce Consultant at Performa IT

If the average typing speed is 40 words per minute, and a person may be able to speak at a rate of around 150 words per minute, then this is already around a 25% increase in efficiency, without even taking additional editing time into account!

Challenge 2: Eliminate the need for unnecessary call-outs

Native Video allows customers to send in videos of the fault/problem for remote diagnosis and assistance. By opting for an app integration with declarative set up and some modified flows, you could be saving your company thousands on an annual basis.

“Costs for sending out field agents can quickly soar into the hundreds, especially for international businesses. Seeing a problem with a video and sound, think of the saving made as opposed to sending someone out to location.” – Tim Lock, Salesforce Consultant at Performa IT

Challenge 3: Upgrade the recruitment process to qualify candidates effortlessly

With the use of Native Video’s TalentVideo, growing firms can streamline their recruitment process by generating links for video interviews where candidates are provided with pre-written questions to submit straight into Salesforce. We used this tool to enhance the existing hiring process, allowing collaborative reviews on applications and enhancing the applicant experience. 
These examples are simply the tip of the iceberg for leveraging AI functionality to support your field service agents. If your company is looking to reduce costs associated with field service, or perhaps scale your recruitment efforts, give us a call on 0117 230 2390 or email us at