DPD UK make Call Centre savings 500% more than expected with Performa IT

The Client

• 700 Customer Service Advisors

• 6 contact centres

• 2.75 million calls per annum

• 1.7 million email conversations

• 500 000 chats!

Their Challenge

Poor system availability and usability

“Salesforce is very powerful in the customer service arena, but we weren’t fulfilling the true potential of the platform.”

Value added by PerformaIT: 

“Our Salesforce Call Centre implementation was completed in four months,” says Adam. “My team in collaboration with Performa-IT delivered all of the items the Call Centre management asked for and many more.

“12 weeks post-implementation we started to see some incredible results that smashed our original expectations.

“For example we originally specified a AHT reduction from 5 minutes 40 seconds to 5 minutes 25 seconds.

“In reality the AHT was slashed to 4 minutes 21 seconds – 5 times more than we’d anticipated!

“Where we were hoping to achieve annual call cost savings of about £150 000, we’ve actually achieved a direct saving of over £500 000 more!

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