Digital Adoption:

How do you know when users have fully adopted your Salesforce system?

You’re probably aware of the adage: “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” and measuring Digital Adoption on your Salesforce system is somewhat difficult. 

Without good Digital Adoption, you’re unlikely to achieve the full ROI on your investments in Digital Applications.

One approach is to run surveys, but these are often subjective; you could measure outcomes, but this doesn’t tell the story of how the results were achieved; you could measure errors but typically, not all errors are reported.

The fact is that these are areas that should be measured anyway. 

Smart organisations use automated systems to monitor and analyse critical application paths of users.  Only then can we obtain a true picture of:

  • Timings – the median and outlier timings for the path, tasks and process
  • Abandonment rates – how many users get so far and then abandon the task
  • Loop-backs – how many users re-input data into fields in order to complete the path or process

Running the monitor and analysis on many hundreds or thousands of individual tasks and processes allows you to gain the perfect picture of how users are engaged in the application.  Only then can you set KPIs and SLAs at realistic levels.

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Senior Business Development Director

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