Get your Salesforce Cloud Back-ups handled!

From £2.25 per user per month

As an organisation powered by Salesforce you mean business.

Your business is serving your customers and delivering the best experience for them in your marketplace.

Your business is NOT system administration, IT management and back-up processing.

These are things you NEED – but they are NOT things you want to be handling yourself.

Salesforce is awesome… …but your back-ups are on you! 

While Salesforce is the beating heart of your IT infrastructure and your company and customer data, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you protect it through secure, regular, automated and on-demand back-ups.

In Salesforce’s own words, they say: “The data recovery process takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks to complete, and we cannot guarantee 100% data recovery.”

You’ve got a business to run. You need to have a reliable data recovery process. You need to be confident about recovering 100% of your data in minutes – not weeks.

You need to get your back-ups handled.

Salesforce Cloud Back-ups by Performa-IT – so what?

You need a back-up partner who understands the importance to your organisation of Salesforce and its data. You need a back-up partner who has thought of everything you require for:

100% confidence
Peace of mind
Ease of use
Cost and Time efficient

What you get

With Salesforce Cloud Back-ups by Performa-IT you will benefit from:

Full back-up automation daily using Amazon S3 secure storage
Flexible back-up schedule
On-demand back-ups
Easy, usable controls
Customisable settings
Fast and secure recovery
Full audit and GDPR compliance
Proactive alerts and status monitoring
Choice of worldwide AWS datacentre locations (UK, EU, Canada, US, Australia)
Access to knowledgeable experts who understand the Salesforce platform
Full testing, training, help and support
Guidance on data retention policies – with an UNLIMITED backup retention period
Opportunity to define your Salesforce Disaster Recovery plan

No matter the size of your business…

…Salesforce is a vital part of your enterprise ensuring you operate efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Backing-up your Salesforce platform every day, and whenever you need to, is your business continuity insurance. 

You need a back-up partner who will not just set up the right technology and deliver the right functionality, but who will also bring you Salesforce expertise, guidance and knowledge to add value to your enterprise.

Talk to us TODAY about getting your Salesforce back-ups handled – and achieving complete peace of mind, plus lots more, for just £2.25 per user per month.