How to add Lightning Login to your Salesforce Account

After the winter 17 Salesforce release Salesforce introduced Lightning Login, which works in both classic and lightning for Salesforce.  Lightning Login saves time, is easy for users and increases security – a win win!  

With Lightning Login after you open the Salesforce URL login page, a user will click/enter their username and then tap to approve from their mobile device.  

Lightning login must be activated within the Session Setup in Salesforce and Administrators can control who has access by checking the box ‘Allow only for users with the Lightning Login User Permission .

Once this has been completed in Setup then Administrators can hand over to users to work through the following instructions:-

Instructions on how to add Lightning Login

  1. Before starting this process install the Salesforce authenticator app on your phone via the app store.
  2. Login to Salesforce on your computer
  3. Navigate to your personal settings
  4. Click on Advanced user details
  5. Scroll down the page to Lightning login and click Enroll.
  1. Once the Enroll button has been clicked the enroll process will start,  click on the button ‘Register’ button as shown in the picture below, Salesforce will then send a verification code. Copy this from your email and enter into the authenticator app in your phone.
  1. Click on add a New Account in the Authenticator app on your mobile phone, copy the two word phrase as shown in the picture below and click the ‘Connect’ button.

Salesforce will send an email to the user to say that you have enrolled in Lightning login and authenticator app instead of a password.

In future all users need to do is enter their username and click Login.  The authenticator app will then come into play.

Lightning login can be cancelled at any time by navigating to the personal settings page and clicking cancel.

The advantage of logging into Salesforce via this route is that passwords do not have to be saved in a web browser.

If your org sets a multi-factor authentication policy for logins, the Lightning Login method satisfies the requirement for an additional factor beyond a user’s username and passwords. Salesforce does not separately require users with the Multi-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins permission to provide a second factor.

Further information can be found here:

Version Number1.1
Date11 August 2021