Hyperforce: Salesforce Update

Starting from August 13th, Sandboxes and Scratch Orgs may route to Hyperforce, the next-gen Salesforce infrastructure architecture run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your Production and Sandbox Orgs will also be scheduled to migrate to Hyperforce up until January 2024.

Why Hyperforce?

  • Improved performance for Production, Sandbox and Scratch Orgs
  • Advanced agility and reliability, with zero downtime updates and faster dev and test environments, as the Hyperforce infrastructure is composed of code rather than hardware
  • Increased autonomy regarding your data residency and compliance
  • Elevated privacy standards and security

What does this mean for me?

Now is the time to start preparing your org for uninterrupted migration into Hyperforce. Salesforce offers a handy Hyperforce Assistant that will guide you through the process. Administrators will be prompted to open the Assistant once Salesforce schedules your org to update. Don’t worry if you don’t see the prompt but are scheduled for a mass org migration, you can manually launch the Assistant from Setup.

You will need to ensure that your Sandbox and Scratch Orgs run effectively with the new update. Note that Salesforce Express Connect can’t provide your users with direct connectivity to Salesforce once your org transitions to Hyperforce. It is recommended that you contact your Salesforce Account Executive (and consulting partner, if applicable) to address this change if you are a Salesforce Express Connect user.

If you are concerned about any service disruption or difficulties, email us at hello@performa-it.co.uk or give us a call on 0117 23 2390 to talk to our friendly experts! 


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