Lightning Experience Pages

Users can often experience issues with Lightning experience pages load times. Within this article we explain how Salesforce® Lightning pages work and issues affecting these pages.

Within Salesforce® Classic, web pages are generated via the Salesforce Instance and then displayed on a user’s desktop or mobile device.

Salesforce® Lightning pages work in a different way, they are loaded component by component. These components can contain subcomponents adding to the complexity of measurement of finished load times.

Lightning pages are sensitive to a user’s browser or device. It is important to ensure that a user’s browser is kept up to date, unused browser plugins or extensions are disabled and supported browsers for Salesforce Lightning are used – click here for further information, or contact us for help.

Complex Lightning pages with a large volume of custom fields, components, visual force pages and customisations can adversely affect EPT – Experience Page Time.

Other factors impacting Lightning pages include devices that don’t have sufficient processing power, memory and resources.

Salesforce Administrators/Developers  have a number of tools at their disposal to measure the efficiency of Lightning Pages:

  1. Lightning Usage App which can be obtained via the App Launcher in Salesforce

           Further information can be found here.

  1. Use of The Salesforce Lightning Inspector, a Google Chrome DevTools extension. This is a deep dive inspection app providing information to understand sequence events and firing link here Salesforce Lightning Inspector Chrome Extension
  1. Further Salesforce tools which have been extended to mobile pages in the Spring 22 release, are the performance guide for lightning pages viewable in page setup.

Salesforce recommends the following best practices for configuring Lightning Pages, to name a few:

  • Reduce large number of fields and custom components
  • Complex page configurations
  • Heavy impact related lists with multiple object relationships
  • Optimisation of visual force pages

For more information click onto the Trailhead Badge – Lightning Experience Performance

Or Salesforce Help – click here

If you are suffering with performance issues and page load times on your Salesforce® instance please drop us a line, we are happy to discuss how our talented development team can solve your problems and give your performance a tune up! 

Source: Salesforce