Looking for a new role in business tech?

What’s it like to work in an international team of Salesforce professionals, all pulling together like a family to deliver fabulous solutions and outstanding customer service for some of the most exciting companies in the UK and Ireland?

Established in 2010 by CEO Ben Coleman, Performa IT is going from strength to strength. 

Representing a globally recognised product, Performa IT’s growing success is partly down to Ben’s determination to handpick professionals who are the best fit for the team and the ethos of the company he has created.

Here we hear from some of Performa IT’s employees, about what makes their organisation so brilliant to work for.

Company vision

Solutions Architect and Delivery Lead Sam Chappell has been Ben’s right hand man since 2016, when Performa IT began to expand from a single contractor company to a multi-employee business, including an off-shore development team based in India.

“It’s our ambition to double our growth every year for at least the next 5 years,” says Sam, “and to do that organically, without losing the small company feel.

“Performa is a busy and fast-paced environment that helps its staff build strong bonds with each other.

“Since people spend the majority of their time at work, we want to make sure Performa is an enjoyable place to be, where people look forward to what they’re doing.”

Ambitious Leadership 

Financial Controller Sam McMahon joined Performa IT in 2021 from an engineering company.

“Performa IT has good people leading it,” says Sam. “Ben and Sam Chappell are very switched on and ambitious, and have created a great culture. 

“There’s no micro-managing: everyone is left to get on with their job, but Ben is very approachable and consultative and will seek everyone’s views and ideas.”

Great prospects 

Performa IT’s sustained investment in business development and continuously improving processes and procedures are paying off.

“The website traffic is going up and there continues to be a lot of interest in Performa IT’s services from word-of-mouth recommendation and Salesforce referrals,” Sam affirms.

“Performa IT work with some big names as well as smaller businesses of different types.

“The company’s approach strikes a nice balance between down-to-earth, friendly and knowledgeable,” says Sam.

“I would definitely say that coming to work for Performa IT would offer a very good opportunity for people with all different skill sets. There is always a role for someone here.”

The Human Touch 

A former Salesforce Administrator in the Energy Sector Jane Wade joined Performa IT in 2019.

Having worked in Customer Support since she became part of the team Jane is now Performa’s Customer Account Relationship Manager.

“Although we are a technology company we are very people oriented,” she says. “We pride ourselves on building really good relationships with our clients and become an extension of their business.

“Every client has a dedicated contact within Performa. Being a small team, we all know who’s who and what we each can help with. We are building a good reputation for being very responsive trusted advisors not only amongst our clients but with Salesforce itself.”

Variety of Clients

The variety of businesses and the different types of people Jane gets to interact with is a unique selling point.

“My confidence has certainly grown since I joined Performa, and I have learned so much about the platform and business processes,” she says. 

“Working remotely, we all use Salesforce to full effect in our comms. It’s a great culture – and everyone supports everyone.” 

Opportunities to Learn 

After being made redundant from the Travel Sector, Tim Lock was up for a new challenge.

“I saw a more reliable future for my career in cloud computing and AI,” he says, “but I had no systems background to speak of.”

A few of his friends recommended he look into the Salesforce platform, while his best friend raved about Performa IT, having worked with them in the past.

“It struck me how people spoke about Salesforce with such passion and conviction,” Tim says. “It intrigued me.”

Following his change in fortune at the start of the pandemic in 2020, Tim dedicated himself to Salesforce’s free, online Trailblazer training.

“After 6 months I applied for a job that came up at Performa IT,” he says.

“Ben invited me to an interview, and I loved the way he explained the can-do attitude of the Performa set-up. 

“I’m delighted that I got the job!”

In one year Tim progressed to Senior Salesforce Administrator, and is looking to progress next to a Business Analysis role.

“There’s no end to how Salesforce can be applied across so many different industries,” Tim says. 

“What Ben’s achieved in the sector is impressive! As long as they’ll have me I’ve no plans to go anywhere else.”  

Flexible Working 

Skilled Salesforce developer and young Mum Vineetha … joined Performa IT shortly after relocating from India to Bradford in 2021.

“Ben came in person all the way from Gloucester to deliver the equipment!” Vineetha says. “It was a lovely welcome and I truly felt part of the family.”

With a 2-year-old daughter Vineetha finds Performa IT’s flexible working ethos extremely beneficial.

“My husband also works at home so we are able to share the childcare. It definitely helps to have an understanding employer.”

Exciting Depth and Breadth of Product

To begin with Vineetha worked on the Performa IT Help Desk, supporting new and existing customers with their issues and queries.

“It has given me an immediate picture of how clients are using the platform and what problems they have,” she says. “I’ve been able to pick up the cases, analyse the issue and then develop the enhancements needed.

“Salesforce is like an ocean – there are so many different ways that clients use it that there is always something new to explore!” says Vineetha. 

Investing in People 

Mario … joined the team in early 2022 as a Junior Salesforce Administrator from Accenture.

“I was interviewed by Ben himself and Sam Chappell,” he says. “After being in a large impersonal company it felt nice to be able to talk to the top people and feel part of a smaller team.

“My goal is to learn as much as I can and I wanted an employer who would invest in me as much as I invest in them,” he says.

“The whole ethos in Performa IT is to help people progress so there is a lot of support for training, development and certification.”

“Bit of a cult – in a good way!”

Friendly, Approachable Culture

Performa IT offers excellent benefits packages, along with flexible working agreements, home-working equipment and a fun, supportive family atmosphere. 

All team members agree that Performa is a very warm, welcoming and people-focused organisation.

What are you waiting for?

Whatever your background and experience, Performa IT is a perfect fit for you if you’re a customer-focussed team-player with a good aptitude for systems and processes. 

Tailor your career with Performa IT. We have opportunities for Consultants, Administrators, Platform Developers, Security Specialists and Designers.

To apply write to us at hello@performa-it.co.uk attaching your CV and cover letter.