Two blokes in a shed | The story of Performa IT

This month marks the 12th Birthday of Performa IT Limited. What began as a two man Salesforce consultancy with Bristol roots. Has now flourished into a prime UK registered consulting partner, with customers in over thirty verticals across the UK and Europe. We are kicking off our celebrations with the story of the business and how it has grown over the years.

Ben started Performa IT in 2011 after identifying a demand for expert Salesforce support with down-to-earth and candid delivery. Having previously built up a wealth of experience in IT and Salesforce CRM. Ben’s knowledge coupled with a drive to establish his own business inspired him to capitalise on the rapidly increasing popularity of Salesforce. Ben soon became recognised in the Salesforce community for his approachable, quality service and began working with Sam Chappell as Lead Consultant in 2016. Together, the pair took on larger, nationally recognised clients, providing top class service from Ben’s converted stables on the edge of the Cotswolds. As their success flourished, Ben and Sam worked tirelessly to continue their upward trajectory. 

Satisfied clients recommended their service to peers and colleagues and brand awareness grew, leading to an influx of new business. In order to keep up with soaring demand, the duo steadily welcomed new team members from all areas of the UK, expanding their capabilities and talent pool. Ben still places colossal value on the individuals who make up Performa IT, understanding that their credentials, experience and values are the most important factors in the success of the organisation. Together, Ben and Sam fostered a culture of honesty, collaboration and inclusivity and an annual retention rate of over 95% is a credit to their leadership and dedication to the team. 

Today, Performa IT continues to develop at an expeditious rate. Welcoming eight new team members in the first few months of 2023. We are so excited to see what the next twelve years has in store for Performa IT. We are constantly developing and growing our Salesforce knowledge and the team is confident that, no matter how much we grow, we will always stay true how we made our name in the Salesforce community as the trusted, friendly Salesforce experts. 

Here is what Sam Chappell, now Head of Technical Solutions, had to say about starting up such a fast-paced and dynamic enterprise; “I began working in the Salesforce ecosystem at Performa IT with Ben as my mentor, he gave me the ambition and knowledge to help push the company to the next level. Our ambition has always been to be the trusted advisors for all of our clients, from SMEs to National Brands, and I believe that our passion is shared with all employees at Performa IT. Even when we were working all hours of the day in Ben’s office, just two blokes in a shed, we aimed to set the expectation of a premiere service delivered with a grounded and personable touch. The conscientiousness and comradery in the workplace is exactly the same as when I joined, just with many more friendly faces. We have come a long way from Ben and I travelling to a new client every week, being on the road almost every day, and I believe that the work we put into those early years reflects in the brilliant team we have built.”