Salesforce Education Cloud

The Salesforce Education Cloud (SEC) is the go-to platform for educational institutions. 

This platform allows universities to track and manage relationships with alumni, prospective students, current students, donors and so many more. SEC makes it easy to view and manage courses and programmes which can be useful when tracking how many places are available on a course, how many places have been offered to prospective students as well as so many more bespoke features that we can tailor to your requirements. 

SEC offers solutions throughout the lifecycle of your students and even beyond, including recruitment CRM, enrollment management, academic advising, and an alumni database to help you understand the successes of your past students. 

Bringing your university closer together with SEC is easy; by integrating all your current software solutions into an easy-to-use platform that connects student data, management systems and any other software used by your university you’ll find your campus runs smoothly. 

Through Salesforce, you can engage with students via marketing automation, student portal software, and cloud computing which allow you to build and distribute student apps fast, and the Salesforce Advisor Link helps academic, career, health and other advisors to manage their appointments and time.