Salesforce & Spreadsheets: Turn these adversaries into an advantage 

Salesforce Admins debate the superiority of Salesforce vs the use of spreadsheets. Whilst Salesforce admittedly excels in the reporting function, protects intellectual property, adds layers of security and prevents data silos, it is worth acknowledging that many of us grew up using spreadsheets, and have been leveraging their functionality and design in our careers for many years. The result of this ingrained usage is disparate data, even throughout organisations using Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce advocates may not be able to ban their colleagues from using spreadsheets (those in roles relating to Finance may be horrified at the thought!), but we can recommend a way to reduce the admin burden derived from relaying data between sheets and your CRM. 

XL Connector and G Connector are products offered by Xappex to enhance user productivity by providing a more user-friendly solution than the standard data manipulation tools, such as Import Wizard and Dataloader. They allow users to manipulate data in Salesforce (or other CRMs and databases) directly from Excel or Google Sheets.

G-Connector enables the configuration of snapshots, allowing data to be pulled from Salesforce into Google Sheets as regularly as every hour. Alternatively a shared spreadsheet can be set up which will sync data both ways, providing a means for users without Salesforce licences to view and update Salesforce data in real time.

XL-Connector provides its own useful functionality, coming equipped with a suite of tools to improve the lives of Salesforce Administrators. Salesforce reports can be accessed directly from Excel, data can be pulled into sheets from connected orgs at the click of a button to be updated and pushed back into Salesforce, and time consuming tasks such as mass updating description/help fields can be completed much faster.
The tips above will hopefully make an array of spreadsheets easier to handle and translate into Salesforce. If you are looking for more ways to supercharge your organisation’s productivity, reach out to or give us a call on 0117 230 2390!