Why should I attend Salesforce World Tour?

Salesforce World Tour is an annual event organised by the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This year, World Tour is being held at London ExCeL Centre on the 29th of June. With the recent announcement of Salesforce AI Cloud, it is no surprise that a key focus of the day will be Artificial Intelligence and Data. Get your tickets here to learn from the best on how to accelerate efficiency using the best solutions for your industry. 

You may be wondering what value you can gain from attending the event; ‘will this just be an endless army of people trying to sell me things?’ The simple answer is no, there is much to be gained from attending Salesforce World Tour. Keep reading to find out more.

Learning Opportunities

Salesforce World Tour offers a wide range of sessions, workshops, and presentations conducted by industry experts, Salesforce employees, and partners. These sessions cover various topics related to Salesforce products, CRM strategies, digital transformation, AI, integration options and more. Attending these sessions can provide valuable insights, best practices, and practical knowledge that can enhance your skills and improve your business processes.


Salesforce World Tour attracts a diverse group of professionals, including business leaders, industry experts, Salesforce administrators, developers, and customers from various industries. It’s a great opportunity to expand your professional network, exchange ideas, and establish connections with like-minded individuals. You can meet potential clients, partners, and mentors who can offer valuable guidance and opportunities for collaboration.

Hands-on Experience

The event usually features hands-on workshops and demo stations where attendees can get a firsthand experience of Salesforce products and solutions. This interactive environment allows you to explore new features, test functionalities, and understand how Salesforce can be customised to meet your specific business needs. It’s a great chance to get your questions answered, learn tips and tricks, and gain practical skills.

Product Updates and Roadmap

Salesforce World Tour often unveils the latest product updates, enhancements, and the organisation’s future roadmap during keynote presentations. Attending these keynotes can give you an insider’s view into the direction Salesforce is heading, the upcoming features and innovations, and how they align with your organisation’s goals. This knowledge can help you stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions about your own Salesforce instance.

Inspiration and Motivation

Salesforce World Tour is known for its inspirational and motivational sessions featuring industry thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and visionaries. These sessions often focus on topics such as leadership, innovation, digital transformation, and social impact. Attending these sessions can ignite your creativity, provide fresh perspectives, and motivate you to drive positive change within your organisation.

Overall, Salesforce World Tour offers a unique opportunity to learn, network, gain hands-on experience, stay updated with product advancements, and be inspired by industry leaders. Not to mention you can usually also get your hands on some pretty cool merch! Whether you are an existing Salesforce user or exploring CRM solutions, attending this event can provide immense value to your professional and organisational growth.

Interested in meeting up with us at the event? Drop us an email at hello@performa-it.co.uk and we can schedule some time for a coffee and a chat about your Salesforce ambitions.

Register here to attend Salesforce World Tour. We will also be attending Afterparty GPT, so grab your tickets and meet us there!