With Salesforce CRM, you are investing in innovation, security, easy customisation, scalability, compatibility with all devices and so much more. Performa IT can help you tailor your Salesforce system to fit perfectly to your business and enhance your processes, seeing faster return on investment, increased adoption and higher productivity.

Learn more about the services we offer below.

Salesforce Implementation

Quality implementation and training on the Salesforce software, designed to set up businesses for sustained success.

Salesforce Health Checks

A deep dive into your Salesforce instance to help maximise your investment by identifying security risks, data errors and technical debt.

Performa IT Octopus

Support and Managed Services

Flexible support offerings from pay as you go support to fully managed services which keep your CRM system running effortlessly.

Digital Transformation

Providing Salesforce resources to power large digital transformation programmes with heavy resource requirements.

App Creation and Integrations

Integrating third party applications, creating custom internal apps or building managed packages to be sold & distributed via the Salesforce AppExchange store for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors).

Salesforce Training

Empowering your internal Salesforce team with the skills and knowledge to maximise the value of your Salesforce system.