CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics (formerly known as Einstein Analytics or Tableau) helps you see and understand the data you collect. CRM Analytics offers a new level of visual data. This platform is transforming the way companies use information to solve their problems.

With CRM Analytics, you can make sense of service information.  Allowing you to bring the power of digital analytics to your Salesforce instance. You have access to a new level of insight, whether you’re a service manager checking case trends, you want to monitor service agent efficiency or optimise your overall processes, CRM Analytics allows you to identify focus areas.

By identifying pain points you can quickly pivot your business processes. Whether it’s identifying a new opportunity, creating a task, escalating a ticket, or sharing insights. You can do it all right away, from any screen, without any complicated tasks.

Your customer relationships are unique to your business, we can make sure your service team has the right information to stay proactive and efficient at all times. By bringing all your data together and quickly diagnosing problems, turning analysis into answers. The different options for Salesforce CRM Analytics are as follows:

  • Einstein Predictions – insightful predictions across any Salesforce standard or custom object with the help of millions of data combinations.
  • CRM Analytics Growth – gain insights from prebuilt KPIs for Sales & Service, build AI-powered apps and access a suite of data management tools.
  • CRM Analytics Plus – All of the above plus dynamic analysis with the ability to summarise key takeaways, comparisons, and trends with engaging charts and metrics.
  • Revenue Intelligence – All of the above with the capability to gain performance insights with out-of-the-box dashboards, build stronger pipelines with flow views, and improve accuracy with new forecasting capabilities.

To find out more and take a look at CRM Analytics in action, email or give us a call on 0117 230 2390.

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