Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) is one of Salesforce’s most popular offerings. This cloud’s build is centred around the customer and how they interact with the business. 

Some examples of the many uses of Experience Cloud include:

  • Creating a Help Centre for customers to self-serve with common dilemmas, freeing up your agents for more specialised issues and guaranteeing attentive service.
  • Building Portals for customers, members, partners, contractors, or suppliers to engage with your business
  • Establishing Communities who can benefit from joining forums, sharing content, self-serving and contributing to your brand.
  • Developing digital Storefronts and catalogues tailored for your B2B and B2B2C customers.

There are many different options for an organisation looking to use Experience Cloud as there are so many ways it can be used. You may wish to build a microsite for tracking leads from a product launch or manage subscribers to your publication – you could even build completely custom functionality with Experience Builder. Take a look at the different license options available below.

  • Customer Community – a high volume of external users who need access to case objects or knowledge.
  • Customer Community Plus – high volumes of external users collaborating and sharing data.
  • Partner Community – suppliers, distributors and partners can view shared Opportunity data.
  • External Apps – the best option for those that want to make their own apps based on the Salesforce platform.
  • Channel Account – allows for multiple users per account; so this is a great choice for companies interacting with many different employees from the same partner/distributor.

It is important to note that Experience Cloud is for stakeholders who are not paid employees. Different Salesforce licences are available for internal colleagues where they will be granted the appropriate access to your orgs data and processes. Experience Cloud is perfect for organisations looking to engage individuals such as customers, members, donors, patients, subscribers, partners, contractors and suppliers. For example, a delivery service would be able to use Experience Cloud to assist and track self-employed drivers, but not drivers directly employed by the company.

To find out more and take a look at Experience Cloud in action, email hello@performa-it.co.uk or give us a call on 0117 230 2390.

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