Healthchecks for your Salesforce

Take a deep dive into your current Salesforce system to maximise your investment. Optimising your Salesforce will keep your systems and security at peak performance and allow you to utilise Salesforce to its full potential, accelerating your business growth.

Why do you need a health check?

There are many benefits to a health check, we recommend undertaking them annually to keep your system running as efficiently as possible, and our clients often undertake one of our health checks prior to commencing any major project work or ongoing support for us to gain a detailed understanding of their system. If your current CRM project is not progressing or if you are not aware of the state your Salesforce Org is in, a health check may be the very thing you need to remove the obstacles to prosperity.


  • A deeper, up-to-date understanding of the state of your Salesforce org and its security settings along with a roadmap to fortified security and cost savings.
  • Return on Investment – Ensure that you are maximising the efficiency of your Salesforce system and leveraging new features introduced by Salesforce via major release updates. Achieve cost savings by identifying and retiring any apps that you are paying for but no longer using. 
  • Increased business efficiency and productivity whilst encouraging user adoption by improving user experience.
  • Identification of errors, risks and technical debt. Identifying technical debt within the org before it becomes a critical issue or holds back / slows development progress and reducing risk / catching any potential issues before they occur to mitigate against unwanted downtime.
  • Highlighting of any features that will be retired by Salesforce which result in the need to make adjustments to your org. For example, Process Builders and Workflows.
  • Ensuring code is efficient and tested. For example, using real-world business scenarios so that scalability does not become a problem.

How our Health Checks work

Our experienced team gain access to your Salesforce org to understand which licenses you possess, what functionality your organisation is using, if you are leveraging the full potential of your Salesforce system and the complexity/customisation level of your org. 

This includes the following:

  • Code check, e.g. for any new code using old API versions and any API versions out of date
  •  Security review which will include Unassigned custom profiles, roles, and permission sets
  • Identification of custom field limits and file storage limits
  • Review of third-party apps present in the org
  • Review any Salesforce standard functionality that you can leverage at no additional licence cost
  • Use of our expertise to leverage functionality to enhance your processes
  • Provision of recommendations for changes and enhancements to your current Salesforce configuration
  • Recommendations for additional reports you need to measure and manage your success detailing new and existing features you could make use of
  • Documentation of the technical developments that are in your existing org, the quality and any maintenance/remediation required to ensure you have a stable, robust platform for the future
  • Assistance in developing a roadmap to tackle critical areas (where applicable)
  • An in-depth review meeting to walk you through our key findings. Recommend best practices and detail our findings

We can tailor this part of the Health Check service to investigate specific areas of your Salesforce system (such as security) if required.

Health Check vs Pulse Check

A health check is perfect for a routine inspection of your system, helping your Salesforce to stay in top condition, but if you are swamped with a complex org full of historical issues and technical debt, you may need a service that’s a little bit more targeted. See the differences between our health check and pulse check services below.

Health CheckPulse Check
FocusImproving your usage of Salesforce for maximum efficiency.Reviving your Salesforce instance from, and preventing, critical failures.
FrequencyAn annual health check ensures that you get the most out of your Salesforce. We also recommend a health check prior to initiating any major project.Required when your system is experiencing crucial failures or you are concerned by issues in your org.
ResourcesThe Performa IT team will use their skills and expertise to analyse and assess the status of your system.The Performa IT team will use the Elements Cloud software to scour your systems metadata for critical issues
ResultA roadmap containing our suggestions to optimise the functionality of Salesforce.A plan of action to address the errors in your system and rescue your org.