B2B Marketing Automation on the World’s #1 CRM

Pardot is a marketing automation solution, it helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline and empower sales departments to close more deals.


By using Pardot Marketing Automation, you are investing in innovation, security & compatibility, giving you the cutting edge of marketing technology. Performa IT can help assess your needs, install the right version for you, train your staff in its use and offer monthly support packages to keep you going.

Pardot is proven: A Customer Relationship Study in 2015 showed that Pardot customers have seen a 34% increase in sales revenue and a 37% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness, on average. Pardot is THE B2B Marketing Automation solution for salesforce users. The software is easy to use, intuitive and works on a variety of devices.

Below are 6 reasons why you should be using Pardot.

Easy CRM Integration.

Pardot has been designed to integrate with Salesforce CRM to allow  streamlined data sharing with fast synchronisation times. This allows you to view all your prospects marketing activities in Salesforce under leads or contacts and use Pardot’s scoring system to group contacts in Salesforce. 

Engagement Studio.

Pardot has an advanced Drip Feed email engagement studio. It is specifically designed for ease of use and to provide an informed, bespoke prospect journey through a logic driven visualisation. This allows for mass emails to be sent on an automated schedule & based on individual prospects behaviour.  

Scoring and Grading System.

Pardot’s dynamic scoring and grading system produces a numerical and/or visual representation of how sales ready a prospect is.  A score is given based on the prospects interaction with your content, be it a website page visit or a form completion.  Grading allows you to filter out those prospects who are not right for your business so you can concentrate on those who fit your ideal customer profile.

Form and Landing Pages Wizard.

 Landing Pages are essential to guiding your visitors to carefully crafted pages. With the form and landing page wizard you can generate HTML or custom drag and drop landing pages that provide the look and feel of your brand.  Pardot offers a range of templates for easy editing or even screen scraping from your existing web site. 

Connected – Social Media and Analytics.

Pardot contains a multitude of connectors, including social media connectors allowing you to automate your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile posts. While Google Analytics and Adwords integration allow for great control over your google accounts and sync data fields into Pardot. Along with a host of webinar connectors. 

Your success is our business.

Both Performa IT and Salesforce are committed to seeing your business succeed. We aim to offer you all the support and expert advice you will need to get the best out of Marketing Automation and increase your business performance.

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