Lightning Experience Pages

Users can often experience issues with Lightning experience pages load times. Within this article we explain how Salesforce® Lightning pages work and issues affecting these pages. Within Salesforce® Classic, web pages are generated via the Salesforce Instance and then displayed on a user’s desktop or mobile device. Salesforce® Lightning pages work in a different way, …

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Process Efficiency – 5 Critical Elements to Consider

Do you glaze over when conversations turn to improving efficiency?  Do you even know what efficiency really means in the context of business processes? Organisations know that employee efficiency is one the solutions to productivity and ultimately, this is the reason behind significant investments in applications software. In theory, deploying a contemporary software solution like …

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How an implementation partner helps you get the most out of your CRM investment.

If you’ve already invested in Salesforce, or are considering doing so, then you probably already appreciate how CRM capability is extremely powerful to grow your business. You can… ✔️Accelerate sales ✔️Increase revenue ✔️Have a single view of every customer and every interaction ✔️Automate tasks and messaging …and much more. While it may be tempting to …

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Health Check Salesforce

Why Hire A Salesforce Consultancy?

1999 :Salesforce founded as the one of first “born on the Cloud” software application. It offered just Sales Force Automation. 2021: Salesforce consistently ranked as the worlds leading CRM application. Offering a vast range of highly configurable functionality, platform tools and integration capabilities. Combined with a free, comprehensive Trailhead training and a vibrant Community. But this …

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Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield Case Study

Tom Raffield is a high end luxury furniture manufacturing business based in Cornwall. Started by the cutting edge artist and designer maker Tom Raffield. Who works with wood using his self perfected methods of steam bending, to produce unique pieces of furniture & lighting.  Tom Raffield has perfected processes to create furniture and lighting by steam bending a variety …

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Learn More About Pardot

Pardot has been designed to integrate with Salesforce CRM to allow streamlined data sharing. This allows you to view all your prospects & marketing activities in Salesforce under leads or contacts and use Pardot’s scoring system to group contacts in within Salesforce. Pardot’s dynamic scoring and grading system produces a numerical and/or visual representation of …

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Digital Transformation

Businesses have been fired into a new era. For many Salesforce® users this meant a huge change to the way they work. Adapting and learning quickly became a skill everyone required. Businesses using Salesforce® had an upper hand. These businesses harnessed Salesforce® to utilise its full potential to support their growth through the ongoing global …

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Our Apps

What is Salesforce®

Connect to your customers in a whole new way with the world’s #1 CRM platform. Salesforce®. Salesforce® is an online, scalable CRM that will transform your business. Salesforce® allows you to save valuable, sensitive information about your customers, your company products, monitor your revenue etc, track & generate leads for your company, manage cases or …

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What is The App Exchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace. It’s where you’ll find over 5,000 solutions to help extend Salesforce into any one of your departments in whichever industry. Showing more than 80,000 customer reviews. And featuring over 1,000 consultants to bring the expertise to drive business transformations. Boasting more than 6.5 million installs already, …

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