Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield Case Study

Tom Raffield is a high end luxury furniture manufacturing business based in Cornwall. Started by the cutting edge artist and designer maker Tom Raffield. Who works with wood using his self perfected methods of steam bending, to produce unique pieces of furniture & lighting. 

Tom Raffield has perfected processes to create furniture and lighting by steam bending a variety of woods, chiefly temperate hardwoods including ash, oak and walnut. Tom Raffields products are sold both online, direct to consumers. And through a network of high end high street retailers such as John Lewis. 

The Obstacle

The business required a scalable solution to serve both trade & retail customers to manage orders & drive sales. The solution specifically had to integrate with their manufacturing & inventory management platform “Unleashed”. Which they had been using for a number of years. The business had been utilising spreadsheets to manage its sales pipelines, however this was not a scaleable solution for the rapid business growth plans.

We faced the challenge of providing a solution to manage both the B2B Trade customers and their B2C direct to website customers. The solution would also need to be able to integrate with the existing Unleashed Inventory Management already in place.

The solution would have to integrate with the B2C Shopify Website so B2C customer information could be stored, including order information for later use in data segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns. In order to achieve this we were required to create a connection to their existing Campaign Monitor mass email Marketing platform. 

Our Solution

A Sales Cloud implementation to match both B2C and B2B channels, web to Lead and Lead Management in Salesforce, implementing a Zapier integration between Shopify and Salesforce combined with the Standard Unleashed Salesforce integration app used to sync Products and Prices between Unleashed and Salesforce. 

Performa IT built a managed package deployed to provide access to the CPQ in Unleashed when quoting in Salesforce, send orders to / generate orders in Unleashed and provide an up to the minute sync between Unleashed orders and Salesforce opportunities.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce integration app deployed to connect both systems and keep contacts in sync. 

Tom Raffields results

The business is now able to access a single view of all customers on a single platform. Without manual intervention, or import/export of data. Overall the speed of order processing dramatically improved due to time being saved manually managing the data. This resulted in better customer service and satisfaction (dealing with order post sales). Up to date data improved communications between warehouse, the dispatch team and the sales team. And the marketing campaigns became even more targeted with minimal manual intervention moving data between systems.

Now the data is in one place, this means that Tom Raffield sales staff have fewer systems to use and so can be trained up faster, make fewer errors and focus on customers not system navigation. In long term resulting in lower training costs. The business has since doubled in size!

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