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What is Salesforce®

Connect to your customers in a whole new way with the world’s #1 CRM platform. Salesforce®.

Salesforce® is an online, scalable CRM that will transform your business.

Salesforce® allows you to save valuable, sensitive information about your customers, your company products, monitor your revenue etc, track & generate leads for your company, manage cases or tickets raised by your customers, manage services supplied to your customers, create websites/apps or portals for your customer where they can register and give you information about them or used by your dealers etc.

It gives you a useable interface where you store such your business data and then modify it to suit your businesses needs. Salesforce can be used to harvest the data as well as perform marketing activities such as sending emails to your customers automatically or manually to inform them about services etc.

Over 150,000 companies, both big and small, are growing their business with Salesforce® from Unilever to Aston Martin and everything in between!

Salesforce® started as Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM company. Salesforce now provides various software solutions and a platform for users and developers to develop and distribute custom software. Salesforce.com is based on multi-tenant architecture.

Performa IT has a team of experienced certified Salesforce.com/Pardot expert consultants and developers awaiting your command to build you the perfect Salesforce solution!