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Why Hire A Salesforce Consultancy?

1999 :Salesforce founded as the one of first “born on the Cloud” software application. It offered just Sales Force Automation.

2021: Salesforce consistently ranked as the worlds leading CRM application. Offering a vast range of highly configurable functionality, platform tools and integration capabilities. Combined with a free, comprehensive Trailhead training and a vibrant Community. But this also means that, as with any other big IT system you can create a software disaster. Just now even faster than ever. If you are not careful early quick wins can be replaced by ever harder and more costly development efforts. And misdirected questions about the wisdom of opting for Salesforce. 

This is why a good Salesforce Consultancy is worth many times it’s cost. And if you want to get Salesforce right and also get on with IT – Read on. 

Hiring a Salesforce Consultancy

Hiring a Salesforce consultancy will not only enable you direct access to scarce Salesforce platform skills and experience. But will help you to build a ready to scale solution when you need it.  As well as a pool of resources when you need them. You can also rely on our Salesforce consultancy to give you honest, objective and informed advice on what is increasingly a strategic CRM system and also a wider IT platform. 

You may well have an internal Salesforce admin team. A Salesforce consultancy can definitely help them to. By using their extensive knowledge of Salesforce across many different Orgs not just yours. By offering training to your staff. And providing leave and other absence cover. You can rest assured that your Salesforce system is always in good hands.  

It could be that you have a highly capable Salesforce Administrator on your payroll but they may not be familiar with or capable of APEX coding or integrations works. Again we can work with them to help deliver complex projects blending our skills with your in house resources. If you do have good in-house Salesforce technical experts. Are their skills are in a lot of demand? You may want to think about what you would do if they were to leave.

So why Performa IT? 

Performa IT exists to provide all of the above,  honed over the last ten years alongside Salesforce’s own extraordinary trajectory. We offer you direct access to our Salesforce Administrators, Consultants & Developers. With bespoke solutions to maximise the return on your CRM systems investment. Enabling you and your business not only to increase short term efficiency and revenue, but also to underpin your future CRM vision and roadmap. With our large permanent team you can be assured of consistency when relying on Performa ITs resources. We ensure there’s no requirement on your part to train new contractors. Who may come and go, which can often be the case with larger consultancies.  

We are an longstanding Salesforce Consultancy, with equally longstanding client relationships. Our team have over 10 year’s experience of Salesforce, across many verticals, sizes of client and projects. We have the capacity to deliver any size project from a 30 minute fix to a 100 + day projects. From basic configuration to complex code. Our team always aim to deliver elegantly designed solutions with both speed and quality. We also pride ourselves on our personable approach and will always take the time to get to know you, your team, your business, its processes and goals. And of course your Salesforce Org (s).

With our deep knowledge and experience we have learnt that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work. Especially when it comes to the Salesforce platform. Which is why we tailor our offering specifically to each client depending on their needs and plans.  By using our consultancy services you can be reassured that we will be there for you, over the whole lifespan of your Salesforce Org… There is no substitute for knowing your Org & business intimately.

OK – How much is it?

We are always extremely competitive with our pricing and are mostly more cost effective than hiring in house teams. How do we do that? By having both a core team of Certified Salesforce Admins, Developers and Consultants. Combined with a high quality, committed, equally well certified eco-system built up over years. And direct access also means no indirect costs to recover! 

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