At Performa IT, we don’t believe in gatekeeping our extensive Salesforce experience. We pride ourselves on the knowledge transfer we deliver via our support and managed services offerings. We also build training into any new implementations to fully equip your team with the skills and understanding they will need to become experts in your specific Salesforce instance. 

As well as building Salesforce training into our standard services, we also offer custom training packages that suit your training requirements, Salesforce instance and team. The two main approaches are detailed below.

User Training

We work with you to build a training programme to cover any topic, function and activity you may require. This is then delivered, virtually or face to face at your discretion, by one of our expert trainers. As every Salesforce org is unique, we aim to cover any skills you would like your team to learn and will make proactive suggestions based on your specific Salesforce instance. 

Train the Trainer

This is our recommended approach, especially for medium to large businesses. We provide an in depth training session to the key leaders and individuals who manage your system. The training delivered is similar to the above, with the addition of training techniques. This results in your business retaining key training resource to upskill and educate any team members who are new to the organisation or to Salesforce.

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