Why do you need Performa IT as your Salesforce Partner


Your trusted Consultancy will have an expansive breadth of skills in-house, always having the solutions to your questions and pain points, ensuring seamless and effective problem-solving every step of the way.

Time and Cost Saving

Hiring a fully-fledged team of Salesforce Developers, Admins, BAs and Architects would be a tremendous investment. Working with a Salesforce Partner gives you support as and when you need it from experts in delivering projects on time, on budget.

Complex Builds

An in-house team may not have the skills and capacity to deliver custom projects. Salesforce is at its best when it is seamlessly tailored to your business, and this can require expert strategy, design and implementation.

Peace of Mind

Trusted Partner Consultancies operate securely, diligently and according to best practice. Appointing a Consultancy can ensure staying abreast of updates and will steer you away from bugs, errors and technical debt.

Unlock your potential with a bespoke solutions workshop.