Performa IT and Sustainability

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that in January 2023, we were awarded our Carbon Neutral Status by Climate Partner UK!

This was one of our milestones on the way to achieving our Net Zero goal by 2030. Despite cutting travel, wastage and single use materials such as paper and plastic, we understood that we needed to do more to make Performa IT a positive contributor to the war against climate change. Any additional emissions are offset by investments in green projects such as wind farming, and we are excited to grow our business and invest further in these planet-saving initiatives.Take a look at our strategy for achieving Net Zero here

Our Managing Director, Ben Coleman, is incredibly passionate about sustainability and the environment, as he is a keen scuba diver and often travels around the world to go on dives whenever he can get away from work. We at Performa IT are committed to rectifying the damage caused by our industry, and ensure that we both offset our carbon footprint and contribute to the restoration of our damaged planet. 

Alongside supporting some brilliant non-profits battling to improve our environment, we are also members of the SME Climate Hub, which empowers companies to take climate action and build resilient business plans that positively impact the globe. This membership marks our dedication to fighting climate change, and we are proud to say that we are recognised by this brilliant organisation.