5 things you need when starting off with Salesforce

So you’ve made the exciting decision to invest in the world’s leading CRM. The question is –
how do you make Salesforce work for you? Any software has an initial expense, and the
faster you see your return on investment, the better!
There are 5 main pillars to a smooth and successful Salesforce implementation:

  1. Planning
    It is essential to outline your ambitions for your Salesforce org prior to
    implementation. Like a set of lego, there are unlimited possibilities with the software.
    A comprehensive roadmap will help you reach your initial set of goals quickly and set
    you up for continued success.
  2. Commitment
    A commitment to creating the best Salesforce system for your business is vital for all
    stakeholders, and this should engage all colleagues to be committed to the
    transformation. If your organisation does not have a dedicated team with a growth
    mindset, you may not see the desired results from Salesforce.
  3. Understanding
    Without experienced resource, Salesforce can be rather overwhelming. Take the time
    to learn about the Ecosystem using Salesforce’s free learning platform, Trailhead, or if you want to get going straight away – invest in the support of a trusted Salesforce consulting partner.
  4. Configuration
    Salesforce is a scalable platform. Companies may start out with a handful of users
    and soon find themselves with 200! When starting with your system, bear this in
    mind. Salesforce’s declarative programming (using clicks, not code) makes it easy to
    keep your system working efficiently and free from technical debt, but the more
    complexity you layer onto the system, the lower its compatibility with Salesforce’s
    regular improvements and updates.
  5. Adoption
    Without its users, Salesforce would simply sit passively on devices with no positive
    impact. Adopting new processes and tech is a big change for an organisation, so
    take the time to deliver training and support to colleagues.
    These five vital components of a successful Salesforce implementation are a cinch – so long
    as you have the time and resources to achieve them. If you are worried about how long it
    might take you and your employees to learn the language of Salesforce, or whether you can
    set up the system for a stable, technical-debt free future, then one of our team can help you
    out with any questions or concerns.

If you’re dreaming of a no-hassle start with Salesforce that has you gaining back your ROI in
a matter of days, take a look at our Quick-Start offering where all of this is included!!
Read our article, Get Off the Ground with a Salesforce Quick-Start, for more information
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