Find out how we helped save DPD UK £40,000 in one year!

The Client

DPD UK serves major High Street and online brands with B2B and B2C parcel delivery. It was designated the UK’s favourite parcel company since 2013 by

As a £2.2bn turnover business, the company has about 22 000 employees, taking up to 50 000 calls per day.

Their Challenge

Maximising ROI on the Salesforce platform: “We had a lot of business processes that weren’t that efficient and a heavy reliance on spreadsheets across most departments. As a result there was a lack of data readily available to help the business be proactive and identify trends and opportunities. Our incumbent Salesforce advisers were adding to the problem in some ways because there was a high turnover of consultants. We were never dealing with the same people so this introduced quite a lot of delay.”

Our Solutions

✔️ Business Process Analysis and redesign.

✔️ Innovative and custom-built app integrations.

✔️ Reconfiguration of sales processes, making them smoother and more efficient.

✔️ Streamlining and integrating insurance systems. “We saved £40 000 in the first year alone.”

✔️ The availability of more data from reengineered and automated business processes: allowing DPD Uk to perform better forecasts and identify trends sooner.

✔️ Six figure call centre savings

“Our Salesforce Call Centre implementation that Performa IT helped design and specify is one that we’re particularly proud of. In fact it’s become a bit of a beacon for Salesforce. They send big corporate clients to us to showcase what we’ve done. Even though I say it myself I think it’s the best example of a Salesforce call centre in the world at the moment.”

 – Adam Hooper, head of Salesforce DPD UK

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