Preparing Your Business for Christmas 

Whether your team experiences some downtime or an end of year rush, Salesforce might be the tool you need to succeed throughout the holidays.

The festive season often brings a unique set of challenges for businesses, as teams may be operating with reduced staff or facing increased workloads.  Although Salesforce isn’t your typical secret santa present, the extensive automation capabilities can offer colleagues peace of mind as they sign off for the holiday period – and we can all appreciate the value of a Christmas free from work-related stress! 

Using the world’s leading CRM, businesses can strategise for success as the year draws to a close. Leveraging the varied functionality, employers can:

  • Monitor and approve staff absences to ensure the necessary capacity is maintained for seamless operation.
  • Manage influxes of seasonal orders, predicting surges and maintaining top quality.
  • Assist customer support teams as they tackle high volumes of customer queries, requests and returns.
  • Create automated, personalised and multichannel festive campaigns.
  • Boost customer engagement and SLAs using AI-driven chatbots and customer portals.
  • Develop workflows that seamlessly organise and automate business efforts, easing the burden on those working the Christmas period and making returning to work a much less hectic experience for those taking some time out of the office.

If these helpful enhancements sound like something that would ease your workload over Christmas and into the new year, perhaps it is time to take a look at what you can achieve with Salesforce.

Salesforce Support

In need of a little extra help with your Salesforce whilst your team has a much-deserved break? Enlist the help of a trusted Salesforce partner, who can provide cost-effective, flexible support to boost your capacity and capabilities as an extension of your team. 

Give us a call on 0117 230 2390 or email for more information!

As you plan for the upcoming season, consider the value a Salesforce partner can bring to your organisation, unlocking the full potential of your Salesforce platform and ensuring a smooth and productive holiday season for your business.